I traveled to New Orleans this summer for work. Of all the days I was there, I had one particular day in which I had a super tight schedule.  Due to distance and time constraint, I didn’t have time to go to a vegan restaurant.  I did a quick google search and found a Mexican restaurant close by.  I called to confirm if they had vegan options, and they did!

Not only do I personally enjoy Mexican food, I tend to gravitate towards going to one because most Mexican restaurants generally accommodate plant based clientele. Before indulging, there are two important things you want to inquire about:

  1. Many times, they cook their rice in chicken broth. So always inquire before ordering. 😉(This particular restaurant did cook their rice in chicken broth.)
  2. Before enjoying your guacamole or salsa with their home-made corn chips; make sure it is not fried in the same oil as their meats (yes, that could be the case for any fried food too!)

After checking on those things, I was able to enjoy salsa, table-side guacamole with chips, (they fried them separately) re-fried beans, and veggie fajitas with grilled peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, brussel sprouts and onions. Yes, I had to omit the rice, but I was perfectly fine with it. I left there fully satisfied.