Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Vegan Chef Gueli and Vegetopia.

I Purchased Vegetopia and didn't get my Ebook?

We understand things like this happen, what we recommend you do is take the following steps. 

1. Did you get a paypal notification for payment? If your answer is “yes” then double check the email address you entered on the shopping cart form to see if your email is spelled correctly. 

2. If you have double checked your email, then check your junk mail to see if the email notification was sent there.

3. If all of the above checked out then contact customer service at: info@veganchefgueli.com

Downloading the Ebook?

After you purchased the Ebook from our store, you will receive an automatic email.  Inside the email, under download is a link “Vegetopia EBook” for the book.  Click that link and the Ebook will automatically download.  After you have downloaded the EBook please save it to your device. You are allowed up to 4 downloads for this purchase.  

Accessing the EVideos?

Immediately after purchasing Vegetopia a message pops up that gives you instructions on how to access the EVideos.  The EVideos are hidden within the site and your unique password is given upon purchase. 

Click on “http://veganchefgueli.com/vegetopia/  for access to our EVideos. You will need the your password to unlock this page. If you didn’t see this please contact customer support and we will create a password for you at :  info@veganchefgueli.com

What format is the Ebook sent in?

The Ebook for now is sent in a PDF format.  We formatted the Ebook in a single page column for ease of read on mobile devices.  However with Adobe or other reader devices you should be able to change the view options to 2 page viewer. 

I received a message that says I can't download the Ebook anymore?

Each customer has a limit of 4 downloads for the Ebook.  We took in consideration that you may want to experience Vegetopia on multiple devices as well as share it with someone.  After 4 downloads the Ebook will have to be purchased again. 

Do you do meal preps or plans?

I offer meal prep services as a personal chef. Once we create a customized menu for an individual or a family, I charge $100 per hour (4 hour min.) for my services plus grocery cost.

For more information, email: info@veganchefgueli.com

Any health related questions?

I know many of you have read my story and how I cured myself with a lifestyle change. However I am not a medical doctor and can only give advise based on my personal journey. I am starting a live series on my Instagram @veganchefgueli where I will try weekly to go live and answer any questions people may have. 

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at info@veganchefgueli.com