Now that you have purchased Vegetopia you will have access to the private pages inside of the website.

Ebook access: http://veganchefgueli.com/vegetopia/

Here are the steps:

Login to the site by clicking “My Ebook” undereath the Ebook tab for easier access to your ebook here is the link: http://veganchefgueli.com/vegetopia/

The Vegetopia Ebook is password protected here is your password: vegetopia

The Vegetopia Ebook along with recipe videos are in the Ebook tab on the site underneath “My Ebook”

Ebook instructions:

> We recommend downloading the ebook to your laptop of your ebook viewer.
> Once downloaded you will be able to change the view options to 2 page viewer if you like. The ebook is formatted in 1 page viewer to allow printing and easy ready on mobile phone.

Video Instructions:

The videos follow along with the cookbook. Ethiopian recipes take some time to prepare so we recommend some patience, but it will be worth it. If you have any questions about preparation please feel free to email me personally at info@veganchefgueli.com