Limited Time Only!!

Here are the details:

Due to the large amount of requests for meal prep, I have decided to do a limited, 1-week trial of meal prep, for those that live in the Metro-Atlanta area during the week of December 17th 2018.

Orders must be confirmed by the end of Thursday, December 13th 2018, at midnight. 

Pick up will be scheduled in the College Park area by Sunday evening. Delivery can be scheduled for an additional cost.

Those willing to participate have to agree to give honest feedback by the end of the week. This trial will allow us to create a future meal plan, and your feedback will be very helpful and important in curating our future plans.

For a Limited Time My

Special 1 Week Vegan Meal-Prep

Week 1

You will receive 2 servings of the following items:

1. Spaghetti sauce with capellini pasta
with a side Caesar salad & homemade croutons

2. Curried potatoes over jasmine rice
with a side of plantains

3. Vegetable Soup
with a side of salad

4. Ethiopian Lentil Stew with Rice/Injera
with a side of green beans & carrots

5.  Quinoa over squash & zucchini
with a side of roasted Brussel sprouts

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